a few reminders for our young adult community:

*this sun, 1/13: ya sunday assembly (no regular classes); 9:00-10:00am, life center 305-306. breakfast provided. discover what’s available for you to grow your faith, and find out about upcoming events.

*this 3rd week of the month, we begin home prayer gatherings at various homes. choose one that works for you!
= Tue, 1/15: westside at danny & audrey’s
= Wed, 1/16: mpk at gerry & suzie’s
= Thu, 1/17: s. pas at matt & leti’s
(see church bulletin for additional locations. pm john for addresses.) no espm at church this wed. join others in the h/truth mpr.

*perspectives launched last night like a spaceX rocket —BOOM! another free class (and dinner) offered this thur, 1/17. more info during our assembly.

have a great weekend!