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Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church, Los Angeles (FCBC,LA)!  We are located in the heart of Chinatown, directly across the 110 freeway from Dodger Stadium.  FCBC,LA is a congregation of people committed to following Jesus and intentionally trying to make an impact for God in the many communities represented by our membership. 歡迎光臨羅省第一華人浸信會!我們位於唐人街的心臟地帶,從110高速公路道奇體育場出口可直達教會。 羅省一浸的會友,是一群跟隨耶穌,全心全意發揮基督精神,服侍及影響社區的教會。
Every Sunday, we offer several worship services, Bible studies, and training opportunities across a broad spectrum of ages and languages.  We have excellent specialized programming for children and youth.  We also have many fellowship, prayer, and service ministries going on during the week for all ages.  Be sure to explore this website to see where you might fit in and please feel free to contact any of the staff if you need more information about our church or our ministries.每個星期天,我們提供不同年齡和語言的崇拜聚會、主日學和訓練班。我們有專業的兒童和青年節目。 每週我們亦有不同年齡的團契聚會,祈禱會和服務事工。請來瀏覽這個網站,看看是否適合您。如果您需要更多關於我們教會或我們的事工,請隨時與我們的同工聯絡。
If God should lead you to visit our church, please be sure to come up and introduce yourself to one of the pastors so we can meet you in person!  May God’s presence and blessing go with you.如果神帶領您來參觀我們的教會,請務必介紹您自己與我們其中一位牧師認識! 願神與您同在,並祝福您